Unilag Guest House

Mercury room N10,700
Venus N15,500
Royal room N15,000
Executive room N21,000
Ambassador room N30,000
Silver rooms N28,000
Gold room N35,000
Platinum rooms N60,000
Diamond rooms N50,000

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Unilag Guest House
Ambassador Room
Unilag Guest House
Executive Double Room

NSPRi Guest House

Executive Deluxe N31,000
Super Deluxe N26,000
Deluxe Room N24,000
Standard Room N20,000
Deluxe room at our annex N22,000

ECWA Guest House

Standard N20,000
Super Deluxe N26,000
Annex deluxe N22,000
Deluxe N24,000
Executive deluxe 31,000

NSPRi Guest House
Standard Room
NSPRi Guest House
Deluxe Room
NSPRi Guest House
Annex Deluxe Room
NSPRi Guest House
Executive Deluxe Room
NSPRi Guest House
Super Deluxe Room

Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) Guesthouses

Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) Guesthouses
(Close to the University of Lagos second gate)
Please note that this belongs to a religious organisation that does not permit the consumption of alcohol or other drugs or sharing rooms with the opposite sex in their premises.
Main Guesthouses

7 Executive Rooms at ₦25,000 each (spacious rooms with king-sized beds, refrigerators, etc.)
5 Rooms at ₦20,000 (slightly smaller rooms but spacious and with king-size beds, refrigerators, etc.).

Andoyi Street Guesthouses:
18 Rooms at ₦15,000 ( with king-sized beds, refrigerators).

Johnson Street Guesthouses:
7 Rooms at ₦15,000 (Rooms are quite spacious with king-sized beds, refrigerators).
4 Rooms at ₦12,000 (Relatively smaller but also with king-sized beds, refrigerators)
4 shared rooms with 2 beds at ₦8,000 per bed (Rooms are spacious with 3.5x6 beds, refrigerators)

Thorborn Street Guesthouses:
4 Rooms at ₦15,000 (similar size rooms to the rooms in Andoyi Guesthouse)
Also, have shared rooms at ₦8,000

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